The conference will take place at:

Poznan University of Technology
Lecture and Conference Center, Piotrowo 2 Street
Poznan, Poland

Poznań is the capital of Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) – the region known in Poland for its hard-working and thrifty people. About 600 000 people live in Poznań. The city is considered as one of the most investment-attractive Polish cities, with the lowest investment risk. Poznań is situated on the most important European transit route, which connects Moscow and Warsaw with Berlin, London and Paris.

How to get to Poznań?

By plane
Ławica Airport (POZ) is located only 7 km from the city centre. There are two ways to get to the city centre from the airport:

  • using bus line 59 or express line L, that is going directly to Railway Station. You can use webpage to check the timetables,
  • next to the airport hall exit there is a TAXI rank.

Poznań has direct connections to: Frankfurt, Munich, London, Copenhagen, Madrid, Barcelona, Stockholm, Paris, Oslo, Rome and some others. It is also possible to fly to Warsaw or Berlin and take a train, bus or rent a car (highway to Poznań).

By train
All trains coming to Poznań stop at Poznań Main Railway Station (Poznań Główny) that is located in the city centre. Passengers can take tram or bus from railway station to get to the centre, hotels and other places. TAXI ranks are also available – just next to the Main Hall and at the West Railway Station exit.

By bus
It is also possible to arrive by bus – PKS Station (Bus Transport Company) is located next to the Main Railway Station.

By car
You can get to Poznań by car:
– driving A2 highway (a toll highway, ): from west – Berlin, from east – Warsaw,
– national routes no. 92 (east-west direction),
– no. 5 and/or 11 (north- south).